Get Your California Real Estate License! Live Classes

For those who want to get a California real estate license, the Keller Williams Bay Area Estates and the  Devlin Real Estate School live class program is the way to obtain your license faster, start the business sooner, and earn your first commission quicker.

We have all you need to launch your real estate career

  • Live Classes
  • Internet Broadcasts
  • High Pass Rate
  • Practice Testing
  • Saturday Exam Workshop

Many applicants who take the California real estate license exam fail.

Cheap and easy online classes just don’t cut it for most people. Failure can delay your entry into the real estate business, and cost you potentially thousands of dollars in lost commissions.

LIVE LICENSE PREPARATION CLASSES – There are 12 two-hour classes conducted live and broadcast over the internet. You can ask questions. There is a schedule to follow. You will learn more with less effort following this approach. Your chances of completing the program are much higher than with a unstructured course. The classes are held on Tuesday nights, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

These classes are designed to prepare you to pass the state exam only and don't count toward the required college level credit. We are affiliated with Career WebSchool for the required courses, and the three college-level courses are $99. You sign up for those courses through a link in the SIGN UP NOW page and enroll separately with Career WebSchool.

SATURDAY EXAM WORKSHOP – This intensive session will give you the final push you need before your state exam. We also will provide you with specific strategies that will increase you chance of passing on your first try. Also broadcast over the internet, and video replays available.

VIDEO REPLAYS – This is an added convenience for students with busy schedules or those who miss a class, want to repeat a class, or who want to accelerate the program because of a upcoming state exam date.

CLASS HANDOUTS – You will receive copies of the lesson slides which will make it easy to follow along with the class and review the material. You don’t have to become a stenographer.

BULLET OUTLINE – A major problem preparing for the state exam is the sheer quantity of data. This handy book makes studying for the state exam much easier and more efficient by condensing the testable information into a digestible outline. This is easy to review prior to your state test.

PRACTICE TESTING PROGRAM – This is one of the most important components of the course. A good testing program, thoroughly reviewed, will do the most to insure that you pass on the first try.

PASS, OR YOUR MONEY BACK, COURSE GUARANTEE - Virtually all of our students pass the state exam on their first try. If you don’t pass, we will refund your tuition in full.

100% TUITION REBATE PROGRAM – With participating offices, you entire course tuition will be rebated to you when you close your first transaction. Free placement assistance.

FREE GUEST LESSON – Attend one lesson as our guest; no cost or obligation. You can try before you buy!

License Preparation Without College Level Credit - $399

The 3 College Level Courses - $99

Complete Package - $498